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Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project(DRIP)

Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project is taken up for implementation with World Bank Assistance, in order to ensure the strength, safety and to improve the operational performance of the existing Dams in a sustainable manner. The project is being supervised and coordinated by Central Project Management Unit (CPMU) in Central Water Commission (CWC) at the national level and the State Project Management Unit (SPMU) at the State level.

The Project with an implementation period of six years, has become effective on 18th April 2012. The funding pattern between the World Bank and the State is in the ratio of 80:20.

In Tamil Nadu, the participating Departments are Water Resources Department (WRD), Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Ltd. (TANGEDCO) and Agricultural Engineering Department (AED). The total number of dams taken under DRIP in Tamil Nadu is 113 dams (75 WRD + 38 TANGEDCO) and as per recommendations of Dam Safety Review Panel Inspection Report 6 WRD dams have been dropped and for final execution 69 WRD dams have been taken up for Rehabilitation and 38 dams are TANGEDCO dams. In addition, Catchment Area Treatment works are taken up by the AED in two reservoirs, namely Krishnagiri and Kundah reservoirs.

The three main components of the Project are:

(a) Rehabilitation and Improvement of Dams and associated appurtenances.
(b) Dam Safety Institutional Strengthening
(c) Establishment of State Project Management

The component-wise and Department-wise Cost distribution of DRIP are shown in Table 1 and 2.

Table 1 Component wise cost distribution

Sl. No. Component US $ in million Rs. in crore
a.Rehabilitation & Improvement to Dams 125.97 604.66
b. Institutional Strengthening 4.84 23.23
c. Project Management4.1920.11
d. Contingencies 20.3197.49
Total Project Cost 155.31 745.49
Table 2 Department wise cost Distribution
Sl.NoDepartment. US $ in million .Rs. in crore
a. Water Resources Department.. 97.91.. 469.94
b. Agricultural Engineering Department. 3.21. 15.41.
c. Tamil Nadu Generation & Distribution Corporation Ltd. (Formerly TNEB)54.19 260.14
Total155.31 745.49
Mile Stones in DRIP:

In the project appraisal Document of the World Bank , Before carrying out the rehabilitation works for a dam, the following procedures are to be completed for each dam under DRIP.