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Workshop and Stores Circle

i. This P.W. Workshops and Stores is primarily formed during the British Regime and works are undertaken as Deposit Works (Under Workshop Suspense) after collecting the required amount as advance.
ii. Metal Seals, Emblems, Safe lock works to Treasuries, Court Seals, Ballot Boxes are manufactured & supplied.
iii. Government Vehicles and Machineries are procured and supplied through this wing to various PWD/WRD Divisions.

As per Government order on 30.08.2010 & 29.11.2010, 137 (85 +52) workers were redeployed to various WRD/PWD Divisions.

Now, with the available Mechanical Engineers & other technical staff, only the emergency repairs to shutters of Dams and procurement of vehicles & condemnation of vehicles are being taken up.

Under DRIP, for Hydro-mechanical works, the estimates are prepared by P.W. Workshop & Stores division, Chennai -1 and sent to territorial Divisions/ Circles for sanction and carrying out the works. The works are being inspected by the technical staff and the Engineers of P.W. Workshop to check the correctness and completion of the Hydro-mechanical works under DRIP. Estimates for all the 60 dams have been prepared and sent by P.W.Workshop

Condemnation of Unserviceable Machineries

The Government as per G.O.(Ms) No.184 dt.13.7.12 has constituted a single technical committee with Chief Engineer, Operation & Maintenance, Chennai as Chairman to value the unserviceable machinery / vehicles / obsolete spares of various machinery available for condemnation in the Water Resources Department.

Condemnation of Vehicles in PWD
a) Government orders delegated permanent powers for condemnation vide G.O.(D) No. 414, P.W.(R1) Department, dt.30.07.07 and since then 163 were approved for condemnation and 52 vehicles was recommended for premature condemnation out of which G.O. has been obtained for 37 vehicles for premature condemnation. Proposals for condemning another 45 vehicles have been received and the condemnation these vehicles is under process.

b) In addition to the above, vehicles are procured and supplied through this wing to various W.R.D. Divisions based on the specific Government Orders.